February 19, 2021


Running isn't the easiest thing on our bodies. It can be physically taxing and draining. The constant impact jarring our joints, the repetitive movement causing strain on our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It's incredibly easy to overdue it and get injured. One way to combat the grueling physical demands from running is by incorporating some strength training and stretching exercises into our workout routines.
Every Sunday at 10AM at the North Park Community Park (just south of the Water Tower off Howard and Oregon) Milestone hosts a YOGA FOR RUNNERS class taught by Jamie Inn. It a strictly donation based class that welcomes all. The class focuses on some movements and poses that will help strengthen underused muscles and poses that will help release tension in overused muscles caused by running.
The goal of the class is two sided. The first goal is to aid in physical wellbeing and training. The second goal is aimed at mental wellbeing. She hopes the class can help people slow down and focus on the moment. 
Not a runner......no worries! We call it YOGA FOR RUNNERS but you don't have to be a runner to attend. It's open to all levels and everyone is welcome. So come on down! You'll feel better and maybe make a few new friends in the process.
Milestone Yoga for Runners - All levels
Led by Jamie Inn
Sundays at 10AM
North Park Community Park (South of the Water Tower)
Donation accepted via Venmo


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